What makes the kangvape popular in the USA

Aug 29, 2021

1.kangvape is just the same size as the Juul device,small and smart,easy to take and vape. Not like the juul need to replace the pods and charging battery,is more easy to use, you just need tear the package.then smoke it

2.Commonly known among users the kangvape is a disposable vape product that resembles a long flash-drive. It offers a discrete design, comes in cool colors, and, most importantly, a huge array of delicious flavors.There’s no maintenance involved – no charging and no refilling! When the battery dies or the juice runs out, you simply throw it away and buy a new one.

3.However, you’ll be glad to know there’s really no need to worry. You see, the ban only addressed pod-based vapes (like Juul) and leaves a huge loophole for disposable vape products.

I think above reason is why the puff par is so popular in the USA

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