How long does a kangvape last?

Sep 2, 2021

Like any product you consume, how long a kangvape lasts varies greatly depending on how often you use it.  Also, there are different kinds of kangvape devices, each with a different capacity.  We like to give users a general guide as to what to expect from each, but the bottom line is your usage will vary depending on your vaping habits.  The great thing about kangvape though is they are so convenient and easy to both use and carry around, that having another one ready to go is always the best option.

How Many Hits Are In A kangvape?

There are 2 different kangvape devices available, each with a different capacity and battery life.  So how many hits you get depends on which kangvape you are currently enjoying.

kangvape onee stick: It comes with a 1100mAh pre-charged battery,7.0ml 5% salt nicotine,which can be up to 1900 puffs per disposable


kangvape onee plus: It comes with a 1300mAh pre-charged battery,8.5ml 5% salt nicotine,which can be up to 2200 puffs per disposable

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